Celebrating Australia

Publisher: Walker Books, Australia

Release Date: 2015

ISBN: 9781925081022

A year in poetry

“Australia Day, Anzac Day, Boxing Day and the New Year. Babies and birthdays, families and feast days. So many special occasions!  So much to celebrate. In this vibrant new poetry collection, Lorraine Marwood explores the many ways we celebrate in Australia.”

I love celebrations, they mark the progress of the year and the seasons.  The very first poem I wrote for this collection was the Autumn poem in Seasons.  I followed the patterning for this in each of the season’s poems.  A challenge, but fun.  I tried to write in a variety of styles and appeal- there are humorous poems here and the Father’s day poem took inspiration from a collection of my own children’s home made cards that I still keep.  Some poems are solemn like the Anzac poem, others were an extreme challenge like Labour day poem- how to make poetry out of such a dry subject matter- but it can be done!

From Lorraine Marwood

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